Truly smart buildings are smart about fire safety

Smart buildings are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance experiences and efficiency.

TFS-COMPLIANCE is the smart digital solution for safety inspections, turning passive assets into sources of insight and revolutionising management processes.

Advance your IoT strategy
TFS-COMPLIANCE takes smarter buildings to the next level, creating valuable IoT-like data loops for passive assets like fire exits and extinguishers. App-based inspections gather data. Analytics turn data into insights. Insights help you continuously improve safety.

Automate for efficiency
Paper-based inspection processes are time consuming, error prone and difficult to audit. With the secure TFS-COMPLIANCE app, inspections are streamlined. Data collection, reporting and auditing are automated. It’s digital innovation that delivers real value.

Unlock fire safety data insights
With paper-based inspections, valuable insights stay hidden. TFS-COMPLIANCE inspections reveal them in a custom dashboard, where you can monitor and manage your whole estate. You have the insights you need to continuously improve fire safety.


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