Inadequate fire safety is a risk to everything – people’s lives, your property, your reputation.

Reduce the risk and protect your business with TFS-COMPLIANCE, the digital inspection solution tailored to your needs by fire safety engineers.

Stop sleeping on fire safety
Many businesses need to improve fire safety inspection systems but delay action for many reasons – from resource shortages, to uncertainty about how to improve. TFS-COMPLIANCE provides a complete, tailored, automated solution with long-term efficiency benefits.

Address major fire safety risks
With TFS-COMPLIANCE you can simplify inspections, automate reporting, reveal insights and continuously improve safety. TFS-COMPLIANCE helps you greatly reduce risk around compliance, fire incidents, loss of life, property damage and financial loss.

Protect your reputation
TFS-COMPLIANCE doesn’t just help you manage inspections, improve safety and comply with fire safety regulations. It maintains a secure digital record of your compliance, protecting your reputation and supporting insurance claims.


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