The complete digital fire safety inspection solution.

Total digital fire solutions tailored for your business needs by ARENCON Digital and Joule Group’s Engineers.

  • Complete app-based inspections in a few taps
  • Monitor your global estate from a cloud-based dashboard
  • Boost safety and efficiency with data-driven insights

Find out how our digital TFS Compliance Solution can help your business.

Reduce risk
Effective fire safety is about saving lives. But it’s also about protecting your property, your business and your reputation. Learn how TFS-COMPLIANCE helps you reduce risk by improving fire safety in your buildings – and proving it.

Simplify compliance
Are your fire safety audits too complex? Are you unprepared for new regulatory requirements? Learn how TFS-COMPLIANCE can give you a streamlined, automated, digital inspection system that adapts as compliance needs change.

Tap the value of data
With paper-based inspections, the value of your fire safety data is wasted. Learn how TFS-COMPLIANCE supports your smart building and IoT strategies, with digital app-based inspections that reveal insights you can use to continuously improve safety.


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