Physical Security System Design, Engineering & Consulting

By providing comprehensive physical security and access control into, and within buildings, we address our clients’ needs for integrated design and planning services.

ARENCON’s security system solutions evolved as a logical extension of our fire alarm design and Code consulting services. Our clients reap the benefit of a comprehensive design solution and technical overlap associated with fire & life safety systems (getting people out in emergencies) and security systems (protecting in place and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas).

Building audits: Evaluate facility design and develop solutions based on client’s criteria and security requirements.

Conceptual design: Security system performance criteria, drawings and specifications – based on each project’s criteria while ensuring the security design does not conflict with requirements for life safety.

Project management: Including coordination of tender, construction and final commissioning.

  • Access control systems, mag-lock systems/electronic locking devices – central controller and interconnection with fire alarm systems
  • Intrusion detection systems – door alarms, door hardware, window films, fenced compound access gates, etc.
  • CCTV/surveillance systems – IP-based cameras and advanced video analytics software integrated on high-capacity servers
  • Mass notification systems – through interconnected fire alarm/voice systems or dedicated broadcast systems; designed to accommodate multi-building campuses and multi-campus sites

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