Building and Fire Code Consulting

Building and fire code compliance issues have been known to throw a wrench into the best-laid plans, often at the worst possible times.

In the realm of fire and life and fire safety engineering, making the codes work for you instead of against you, helping you stay within your schedule and on budget, is what separates the leaders from the also-rans. This is why ARENCON is a leader in the field of Code consulting.

Under the experience and leadership of ARENCON’s principals, the ARENCON team brings together an effective value-enhancing combination of experience, subject matter expertise, and ingenuity.

  • Building and Fire Code analysis/compliance
  • Life safety audits
  • Fire protection audits
  • Fire safety studies, policies and programs
  • Industrial fire and/or explosion hazard analysis
  • Loss control studies and reports
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Flammable and combustible liquids handling/management/storage procedures
  • Fire safety plans
  • Fire and evacuation modelling
  • Fire evacuation plans
  • Alternative solutions, performance based design solutions

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