Fire Protection Engineering Consultants

Our experienced staff of Professional Engineers and Fire Protection Engineering Technologists provide a wide range of skills to meet the needs of our clients.

Management Team

Leslie Sims

Leslie Sims P.Eng.

Principal, President

Leslie Sims is a Professional Engineer, founding principal, and President of ARENCON inc. She has extensive experience as a Building Code and fire safety consultant, bringing unique solutions to complex buildings and design, as well as assessment of hazardous operations.

Walter Miller

Walter Miller P.Eng. FEC, Consulting Engineer


Walter Miller, ARENCON inc . ’s founding president, is a Professional Engineer and a seasoned consultant specialising in the area of fire safety systems and project management.

Michael Zukov

Michael Zukov P.Eng., Consulting Engineer

Associate Principal

Michael Zukov is a Professional Engineer and achieved the designation Consulting Engineer with over a decade of experience in fire protection. His experience includes Code reviews, fire alarm & mass notification systems design, project management, and security consulting.

Shaun Kelly

Shaun Kelly P.Eng., CEng MIEI

Associate Principal

Shaun Kelly is a versatile fire and life safety consultant specialising in Code reviews, fire protection system design, engineered solutions, and project management of fire safety systems installations for multi-facility clients.

Engineering & Consulting Team

Nathan Chan FPET

Nathan Chan is a Fire Protection Engineering Technologist specialising in fire suppression system assessment and design.  His experience includes fire alarm, sprinkler/standpipe, and suppression system design, project management, commissioning, and field audits/surveys.

James Cleary P.Eng.

Jim Cleary is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience working with Fire codes and assessing hazardous processes and operations. His chemical engineering background is an asset in understanding potential fire and explosion hazards posed by industrial operations.

Zhendong (Mark) He FPET

Mark He is a Fire Protection Engineering Technologist specialising in fire suppression system design and review.   His project experience includes sprinkler/standpipe system designs and associated hydraulic calculations, site surveys and commissioning.

Neil McBride B.Sc. Fire Engineering

Neil McBride is a fire and life safety consultant specialising in Building Code assessments and reviews.  He has work on a wide range of projects including preparation of code reports for industrial, residential and educational buildings, alternative solutions, timed-based egress analysis, detailed exposure protection analysis, and fire safety plans.

Kate Schramm FPET

Kate Schramm is a Fire Protection Engineering Technologist specialising in Building Code and Fire Code assessments and analysis.  Her project experience includes preparation of Code reports for industrial and residential buildings, with a focus on compliance of flammable and combustible liquids in processing/manufacturing industrial facilities.

LeeAnn Xerri

LeeAnn Xerri is a project assistant and intermediate designer.  Her experience includes project management, fire safety plan development, fire evacuation planning, as well as working with municipalities to process building permit applications.

Alexander Yarmoluk FPET, C.Tech.

Alexander Yarmoluk is a Fire Protection Engineering Technologist specialising in fire suppression system design.  His experience includes system design and review (including hydraulic calculations), project management, system commissioning, site surveys and assessment, as well as fire safety evacuation planning.

Administrative & Support Staff

Gráinne Duggan

Gráinne Duggan is an Office Manager with extensive experience in implementing office operations and procedures, preparing payroll, designing filing systems, preparing budgets, analysing financial variances, and assigning and monitoring clerical functions.

Dayana Ouzounova

Dayana Ouzounova is an Administrative Assistant with experience in developing and maintaining filing systems, providing clerical support, data entry, resolving administrative problems, process accounts payable and receivable, preparing internal documents, and bookkeeping.

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